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Right Words!


An incorrect word led you to humiliation -Sri Krishna To Draupadi (Mahabharat)

Words can break or make a relationship. We feel motivated with positive words like keep it up, Thanks but are demotivated to get, not again, pathetic. Words have magical power to attract. They also show the company you keep. For example, those who use rough language have bad company. Those who speak politely have good peer group.

Words lead to your professional growth. Behavioral therapists believe all loves those who use good words. They are seen as motivators., while everybody dreads a foul language".

Some of the greatest motivators of this world, Srikrishna, Buddha, Jesus, Moses, and Tao never used foul language. They were roughly treated by their foes but they still use gentle words.

Words show inner state of mind. Most of those who use expletives are in bad state of mind, suffering from negative emotions like fear, jealousy.

When we use good words, we attract attention but our bad language may put off others. Those who think that use of bad words is in thing forget that a listener changes mental perception about you.

Article by: Ashish Dimri, MA(Mass Communication) is a journalist, motivation writer. He believes that all are blessed with motivating words to heal a broken heart.





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