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Passion of Life


How do you treat life? Do you indulge in passion of accumulating assets for life or want to enjoy the very best of it.

The truth is all of us want to cherish our lives but have no motive. For example, you wish to be a professional and after getting entrance you want to have success in your field. Later after gaining prominence, you may want to do some thing else. In short, the very motive for which you devoted you time has gone astray.

It is same with all of us. We all build castles in the air and brake them after understanding hard truths of life. Life can only be lived. It can never be lived in materialism but in simply lively moments.

It may sound abstract thought but a good morning walk or yoga, good break fast and lively discussion may motivate you than buying a new tread mill, expensive branded health food, getting membership of exquisite club.

Many of us never venture out of our shells. We hardly reckon presence of lively moments around us. We forget a good gesture. We forget blessings of nature. Ironically, when we grow old or are afflicted with any disease, we mourn and long for these lively moments. Life is all about passion. However, it can be felt when start making use of it. Many persons are afflicted with deadly diseases but when they start using their moments, they enjoy the best of moments.

Rat race to own something hold us back while enjoying every moment not only urges us to move on .It is also a route to eternal bliss. So, try best to have a passionate relationship with life!

Article by: Ashish Dimri is a motivation writer, journalist, web content writer . He is a regular contributor to He holds master degree in Mass Communication. His work has been published in many known websites.





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