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Matter of Principles


And old cat, counting the beeds, said to the snake, "Now I have given up eating flesh and fish and I have become a recluse. I have made this my principle that I can attain salvation after death."

Then an old snake raising his hood said, "I have also become completely a hermit. I pray to God day and night. Whatever I get, I can eat that but I do not eat living beings. I have made this my principle because I want to go near God after death."

One kite was hearing the talk of these persons by sitting in the nest in the tree.

Opening her feathers she came down and said to snake and the cat, "I am not less than a hermit. Not to talk of eating flesh, I do not touch it. I have taken an oath not to eat flesh. I usually kept myself busy in the prayer of God with my children and I am spending my time by eating vegetables."

Then a fat rat budging his moustache came there running from the forest. Seeing the rat, the cat became restless and she ran towards the rat. The snake also saw the rat and he also rushed towards his side. Then the kite also pounced upon the rat. There were three hunters and it was very difficult for the rat to save himself. Ultimately he was killed. The principles of the cat, snake and kite have disappeared. Now all the three started quarrelling on this prey and all of them were drenched in blood. Men do the same thing and they usually talk of morals and principles

Contributing Writer:
Dr. Ram Sharma is working as a Senior Lecturer In English : Janta Vedic College, Baghpat U.P. ,India

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