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Matrix - a Web of Relationships


The matrix :The topic that has taken my maximum thoughts. What I define matrix is - the complex web of relations a man is going to live through his life which is going to effect him and which he is going to effect. Call it sociology of one individual's existence .

His total life is going to be determined by this group in good or bad. We are born in a set of social surroundings - parents, family, relations and their contacts. As humans, we have no control on this event.

Our child hood and majority of our formative years is going to be determined by the group on which we have no control. All our concept of feelings is going to come from that group. And those impressions are we are going to carry for most of our lives.

Now why is this happening? Why are there inequalities on birth situations on which child has no control?

Over time, in the process of time, we develop our independent connections, we develop new lines within this matrix either consciously or unconsciously, mostly we get drawn into them - how/why it happens is a great mystery. Some come closer, some remain aloof, some remain at a distance. How it happens? For a moment forget human sociology or psychology - the fact of all people you come in connection with and few people come in place where they can effect you - there has to be some reason. Cut chemistry cut passion and the answer - my belief is that today it's the complexity of matrix.

Matrix is a system god or what ever you call him has created in order to run the gamut of his natural justice. As in another essay on natures justice I saidthat he needs human mind and matrix to deliver his justice so he creates individual matrix for each person to fructify the process of one action to conclusion  That's what you do it will come back may be not from same person but from some one else in the matrix. In the end, the processes have to zero up since at the start there was zero.

This we can exemplify with the lamb and butcher story -they are related in one matrix in a defined style though both have different perspectives - one to kill and other to get killed - logically indefensible position but they do come in connection because matrix wants to fruitfy their actions.

Now a question will arise - after all the butcher kills so many goats while he can be killed only once! Yes and it might be that he won't be killed at all once too, but in god's time/space horizon this life is just one snap shot of a picture - the picture is bigger or think of an alternative that you are caught in a position where you are not killed physically but you die on a day to day basis - fearing life more than death and say like a personally sentenced to death but not hanged and seeing death every time the noose man walks down the corridors or think of the thought of living with night mares in the night with troubled thoughts or percussion phobia ----where you are experiencing death every moment.


So the matrix will be there. Some lines of matrix will hurt you some lines won't - the lines that hurt you will that will bother you the most. What do you do? You will either retort with anger, vengeance, succeed some time, fail some time and remain in the matrix. Some times you will take that hurt in your heart and be forced to think. If you are forced to think you will analyze the causes of hurt and find that matrix plus natural justice makes perfect sense and than you will start taking corrective steps.

This brings me to two basic tenents of vedanta philosophy destiny (cunulative upbalance of all our actions - which is being maintained in our brain in subconscious or non conscious level) that's reflected in definition of our individual matrix and the karma ---our actions.

In normal routine we will always do actions for what ever reasons and with what our results ----but all actions will be people related through this matrix. Most often we react as necessity or out of compulsions -----and that gets deeper and deeper related to this matrix. Some people we owe some people owe us and this thing goes on and we continue waiting for natural justice to correct it. I have a belief and its only a belief that accounts are not necessarily settled on one to one basis but like a clearing house since in concept of natures justice individuals/time/space don't matter. after reaching the station. This man used to wait for the post man to open the post box to check whether he had written the pin code, affixed the stamp and so on. But in those instances he would have done that job perfectly up to 100% and it is more of the mental condition than of real.

So some day some thing has to happen to each individual spread out in time/space that he starts questioning how to insulate one self from this matrix - I guess that's the stage of mind shifting its gear from conscious level to super conscious.

Article by: KANIKA DEWAN is a high school student and writing is her passion. Her main interests are reading books and writing.






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