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Lead Life To The Full Brim

Have you ever seen a mango tree, when uprooted, leaves behind those juicy mangoes which once we were savouring in its young spring days? Human life is the same too. As said by Lord Krishna, in Bhagavad-Gita, human body goes through many cycles of change; an embryo in the foetus, a baby, an adolescent, youth hood, an adult & lastly the old age grips him.


This story is a tribute to my grandfather, K. R. S. Acharya who led a life full of fulfillment with his simple and self- respecting attitude. He wasn’t a high profile man but there was always a child in his heart that made me & my sister Shilpa, one of his dearest grandchildren. My dadi passed away when she was 72, by then dadi had taught dadaji how to prepare rasam, sambar or chutneys or adrak masala chai. Though dadi had passed away, he never made himself feel lonely.

Morning & evening walks refreshed his tired body. He would watch his favourite t.v shows putting them at its highest volume, as he couldn’t hear. He felt most happy when I had given him the news that he would very soon be great granddad. It was at this time dadaji would secretly tell me, that I had given him the life’s greatest joys by making him a great- grand father.

We thronged to our dadaji’s place to tickle our taste buds from the routine cooking of our mothers. It was one evening when the news came that dadaji was suffering from acute lung cancer. Dadaji loved life, lived life to the fullest cup of his ripe life. Dadaji was a bit upset, as he never in his wildest of dreams had thought cancer could kill a person who loved life to the utmost.

We, the family members were a lot scared to leave him alone after dadi had passed away. But then, he stuck to his guns expressing strongly that he wouldn’t wish to be dependant on anyone & could very well take care of himself. Dadaji was well aware of the perils of living alone & he decided to move to “Karunaashraya” an old age home that rendered its selfless services to the old folks. After waiting for a long time at the reception counter at “Karunaashraya”, he was accosted to his room by me. Dadaji held his walking stick close to himself and told the attendant that, he had very well prepared himself for the Chemotherapy and moving into an old age home and in no way he felt awkward about it, though he very well knew the pain he had to undergo while receiving the treatment of Chemotherapy. Moreover he was least interested how his room looked or how would the ambience be!! All he wanted was to live independently as long as he could.


Continuing his talk he further said, “ You know something, Shubha, what is the first thing I do after the golden beams sneak through my window? I don’t brood or repent that I will be dying soon”. Smiling as a baby he said, “I rather thank God for blessing me with yet another day to live & I would prefer to treasure the moment as the best award winner. Old age resembles a “Saved Account” in the bank of your life. You just need to remember the good times, funny, times which you have saved in so far in the “Savings Account. It’s all that I wish to convey is this that live ‘LIFE’ like you have never lived before. Pool in all the happy moments in this account and live life to the fullest. It’s in our hands to craft and mould our life with happiness untold”. Dadaji lived his ‘LIFE’ even after he left us at the age of 92.

My younger sister Shilpa was the torchbearer in accompanying him to Chemotherapy sessions. And Dadaji would always be the best charmer, as he would dress up like a King, who would be on his royal visits. His doctors loved him, & he was presented with a rose as the ‘BEST CO-OPERATIVE PATIENT’, by the Bangalore Institute of Oncology. One could still see his love towards life, in waging a battle against Cancer.

Shilpa & I still remember Dadaji gave in most part of his life to Carnatic Music. Music had always been a magical charmer even when he was inflicted with Cancer. His strong, vibrant voice tuned in the best of the ragas that were sung by yester years great musicians. Beauty in his vision could turn out a feast even to the soul, if one would admire the creation by God. We always remember Dadaji visiting our places by bus & not by auto. Mocking sometimes at this attitude of his, we would say, “Dadaji, age is holding its reigns fast on you, please do not come by bus”. But Dadaji would always say, “What if I am 92, don’t I still look like Amitabh Bachchan?” And he really did!!!!!! His little amounts of savings, has given his family to spend a life in fortune.

Long before he knew he would be hit by a lightening called Cancer, he donated his ancestral palatial home for rebuilding a Temple for Lord Raghavendra. And Shilpa & I realize the eternal truth that being positive makes all the pains vanish. Love life, so much that it will surely ponder once before it goes away from you.

A positive outlook towards life also makes life beautiful, wonderful & memorable to “LIVE LIFE TO THE FULL BRIM”. Isn’t it? Through this tribute to our grandfather, Shilpa & I wish to convey to all of you that age never matters as long as you know how to Live your Life filling it with Love, Love & only Love.

Contributing Writer: Shubha

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