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Let's Break all the Hang-ups


The headline may look clichéd but silently it tells us, 'hang-on'. Perhaps we skip the question because we are scared to see the reality. We would have won half the battle by facing the question itself, even without getting deeper into it.

It says examples speaks better for a story.

There was a chain-smoker who quitted smoking at an age of 48. That's the will power. You are addicted heavily to something and you cease the habit just a call of conscience. In the struggle called life, no such move is late. Even if we make an attempt to change a bad quality just before death, should be considered as a beautiful example.

An example that quells old sayings like, old habits die hard. Old habits may die hard but they do die. And that's the right spirit in life.

We all go bed with a conscience and it pricks our inner sense at every wrong step. There are times when we realise our mistakes but continue to repeat them just because we are lazy to change them.

The moment we put a full-stop to our laid-back attitude, possibly that would make a huge change in one's personality. Why should everything be "I can't do this now". Including yours sincerely, all of us should say..."C'mon...let's fix the problem now itself".

Article by: Barsha is a budding journalist who is passionate about writing and practices radio and online journalism.





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