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In a science class..


The teacher asked her students to give an example of things which are countless.. One student answered “water”. Another one answered “sand”. Another one answered “air”. The teacher noticed that everybody’s participating except for one. She called that student and asked the same question, “What are the things which are countless?” The student stood up and answered, “BLESSING!"

Do you count your blessings? Well as for me, I don’t know if I can count them. Blessings from God don’t stop. They are immeasurable. Infinite. They are and will continue pouring into our lives, whether we’re aware of it or not.

Blessings, for me, are the things and people that God put into my life to contribute or promote happiness.


One of my favorite is that I’m blessed with a very loving family. I’m blessed having the chance to live life again. I’m blessed being with good people. And even the sufferings that I encountered, I consider them blessings. They are like blessings in disguise. I think all the things that we are thankful for are blessings from God.

And the best way to enjoy all the blessings we have is to share them. How big or how small it is, if we share it to others with love, it will make the biggest and most lasting difference.

Contributing Writer: Thessalonica S. Manguiat from Philippines. I'm a student taking up Food Technology.  Email:

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