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ACHIEVE – Anything and Everything


What types of meaningful words catch the eyes of people?

In the course of developing ourselves to grow and achieve our goals, lot of words comes into our minds. Here there is a word “ACHIEVE” and below there is a compiled a list of words comprising each words “A C H I E V E”, but still it is considered to be complete. There may be dozens of meaningful words for this “Achieve”, we can see if we search the dictionary and web. What we concentrate on here are 7 words and its meanings that emerge most frequently in our mind and appear to be appropriate to us and their values.

While the relevance of these meaningful words might vary from people to people and their interpretation could differ slightly, but in all cultures it does seem to recognize the significance of the words. It means that there is a certain constancy among human needs that transcends the distinctions of culture and language.

ACCOMPLISHMENT This means the action of ACCOMPLISHING something or an ability that has been acquired by training. We always on the try to achieve our goals, whereas organizations try to achieve their goals continually to survive or to be sustain the position in the market and for accomplishing their long term goals, for which they adopt different ways and means at times. Achieving goals and making something for ourselves; a sense of satisfaction that can result from productivity, focus, talent, or status. For example Nike relies on the essence of this meaning for many in its “Just Do It” campaign.

CREATIVITY Meanings are; having the ability or power of CREATIVITY, promoting construction or creation like some people have a creative imagination. The sense of having produced something new and original, and in so doing, to have made a lasting contribution. Besides driving our species to propagate, we enjoy this experience through our hobbies, the way we decorate our home, in telling our stories, and in anything else that reflects our personal choices. Creation is what makes “customizable” seem like a desirable attribute, rather than more work for the buyer, for example, making the vegetable at our house is a pleasure rather than a task.


INNOVATION INNOVATION may refer to both radical and incremental changes to products, processes or services. The often unspoken goal of innovation is to solve a problem. Innovation is an important topic in the study of economics, business, technology, sociology, and engineering. Since innovation is also considered a major driver of the economy, the factors that lead to innovation are also considered to be critical to policy makers. In the organisational context, innovation may be linked to performance and growth through improvements in efficiency, productivity, quality, competitive positioning, market share, etc. All organisations can innovate, including for example hospitals, universities, and local governments.

While innovation typically adds value, innovation may also have a negative or destructive effect as new developments clear away or change old organisational forms and practices. Organisations that do not innovate effectively may be destroyed by those that do. Hence innovation typically involves risk. A key challenge in innovation is maintaining a balance between process and product innovations where process innovations tend to involve a business model which may develop shareholder satisfaction through improved efficiencies while product innovations develop customer support however at the risk of costly R&D that can erode shareholder returns.

ENTHUSIASM The meaning of ENTHUSIASM is a feeling of excitement towards something, like the sports fans are enthused by their teams performance, when the performance is excellent, the enthusiasm enlarge to the extent that they start to worship like demi gods. Without this nobody can follow his dreams or goals and accomplish their goals for athletes, the feeling is towards their area of interest, like education, learning or to gain knowledge, which leads to understand and the spread of knowledge, clear understanding through logic or inspiration. This experience is not limited to those who meditate and fast, it is a core expectation of offerings from Fox News, which promises “fair and balanced” reporting, the Wall Street Journal, which many consider the ultimate authority for business news, and the Sierra Club, which provides perspective on environmental threats and conservation.

VALUES The term, VALUE is a set of beliefs of a person or social group in which they have an emotional investment (either for or against something). Everybody has his own values, beliefs, organizations have its own values, without values nobody can alive, can alive, but valueless company or person is not able to cope with the situations in the society or environment. To grow, to succeed, to achieve goals, a person as an individual have to have the values to propel his determination to be succeeded.

ENDURANCE The meaning of ENDURANCE is the power to withstand hardship or stress, a state of surviving; remaining alive for example the marathon tests a runner's endurance". If we want to be successful in personal or professional life, we have to have the courage and energy to withstand the hardships or to overcome the barriers in front of us, a marathon runner is a pure example – he runs for hours to finish the 26 miles 385 yards mark in front of him, despite the various obstacles he faces during the course, there are smooth roads, there may be slopes, there may be hills along with various other obstructions from his body.

As human beings, we live for some purpose or goals and if we want to achieve such goals, say in the business context, it is desirable that we have to have all these qualities within us, we must ACCOMPLISH our tasks or goals, we must be CREATIVE to find out fresher and newer ways, we should be INNOVATIVE to make radical changes in our life, we must modify our knowledge continually through EMPOWERMENT, we should find the true methods to VALIDATE ourselves to test and find the truths and finally we have to have the power of ENDURANCE within us to withstand the hardships in front of us of our way forward, which hinders our progress towards success.

Contributing Writer: Satish Nair

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