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Insaan mit jaate hain
magar yaadein nahi mit-thi

kagaz pe likhi
woh lahani nahi mit-thi..

woh kalam nahi mit-tha
woh siyahi nahi mit-thi..

aankhen band hoti hain
woh tasweer nahi mit-thi..

saansein ruk jaati hain
woh khushboo nahi mit-thi...

khatm hote-hote bhi har ek nishani
woh aakhiri nishaani nahi mit-thi..

saal guzar jaate hain
sadiyaan guzar jaati hain..

log bhool jaate hain
magar pehchaan nahi mit-thi..

kagaz pe likhi
woh kahani nahi mit-thi..

Contributed By : F FARZIN, Writing poems and articles is my hobby and I want to enhance my creativity through it.



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