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Bhikhari ka Tark 

 Ek bhikhari sadak kinare maang raha tha bheekh,

Tabhi ek afsar aur ek clerk pad gaya deekh.

Afsar aur clerk dono se das-das paise maange,

Clerk ruk gaya usi jagah pe afsar nikla aage.

Bola clerk bhikhari se ek baat suno tum bhaiya,

Das paise se kya hoga tum maanga karo rupiya.

Utth baittha bhikhari bola sun lo mera tark,

Afsar de na paise, das paise deta clerk.

Isliye jab bheekh mangne aage haath karta hoon,

To aadmi ki daan bhawna

Aur aukaat dekh kar baat karta hoon.

Contributed By : Sushil Joshi, I like to write Hindi poems (specially comic) but till date I am unknown to others except my parents, relatives and some of my friends. I feel that it is a little difficult to make others laugh in today's busy life but I like challenges.


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