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Minimizing Wastages for a Better Future

Save Power, Save the World - How many times have we heard or read this before but never really took it personally? Such social awareness advertisements and messages have been a part of our TV viewing experience for a long time now but somehow each of us wait for someone else to make the effort and take the first step.

With issues of global warming, water and power shortage etc taking a gigantic form, that day is not far away when we will have nothing left to pass on to our children and to their children. It's not too late to start making an effort to save the planet. A lot can be done if each of us pledge to do our bit in conserving energy and reducing wastes. 

Here are some simple steps that you can start taking from today to support these social causes and contribute in the optimum utilization of energy resources -

  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. This will save a lot of water.

  • Use a bucket while taking a bath. A lot of water is wasted when we leave the tap running during a bath.

  • Try to arrange for car pools or even bike pools when going to office. If individuals living close by and in the same locality travel together, they can significantly reduce the number of cars plying to the same destination, thus, significantly reducing pollution and wastages.

  • Relatives and friends living close-by can attend social events, parties etc by travelling together (car pool).

  • Water your potted plants with a mug of water.

  • Turn off the lights and fans of rooms when not needed.

  • Instead of leaving your Television sets on sleep mode, make the effort to switch them off completely.



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