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A Woman is sometimes known as a man's woe. Right from the beginning, starting from Adam, man has continually been intrigued by womankind. A baby boy thinks the world of his mother. Nearing adolescence, he gets friendship and understanding from his mother and knows she will be there for him whenever required. Youth opens his eyes to the various aspects of a woman's personality, wherein he meets all types of females in everyday life.

He unconsciously compares the values of his mom to the girl he will eventually marry. Mostly he finds the girl of his choice but sometimes disillusionment meets him on the way, clawing at his conscience like the talons of an eagle.

He tries to get out of the vicious situation but it ends up in sorrow and bitterness. A woman is the symbol of shakti in Hindu mythology but when angered, she takes on the armour of a destroyer and here her image turns to the one of Kali with her rudra roop.


It is true that a woman either makes or breaks a man. Her support can make a man successful but the opposite takes place when she is angered, exploited, rejected or dishonoured. It is said that behind every successful man there is always a woman whether she is a mother, sister or wife. Man is incomplete without a woman who is his better half and rightfully so. Just like a cycle moves forward on two wheels, so the family vehicle moves forward with the help of both husband and wife. If one fails, the boat begins to rock and might eventually sink.

Contributing Writer: Madhuri is a freelance spiritual and inspirational writer.  

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