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The Tale of My Two Cities


As I sat on the old park bench amidst the surrounding huge trees, I retrospect my olden days that I spent on the streets of Kolkata. It's exactly been six months I have landed here in a different world; what I call 'the land of opportunities'. I must confess that my life has changed a lot - its hectic now, full of work as opposed to my school and college days, which used to be relaxing and fun-filled.

Famously, known as the 'Garden City', Bangalore is far and away from my hometown, the 'City of Joy', Kolkata. If the former is the place for my bread and butter, it is Kolkata, which gives me a feeling of at-ease and relaxed mood. Comparison between the two is greatly unfair, as both have taught me to live life in my own terms.

I owe a lot to Bangalore, as it has gifted me my first job and it is here that I have embarked upon my career. Truly a land of gardens, the city is full of enormous trees and lush green parks and offers a fantastic climate. On the other hand, I have never seen a city so fast-paced, so full of life. I feel I am totally thrown into a different world that has a lot to offer and in turn allows everybody to contribute his or her best. I miss my old city a lot, it's the place where I grew up, the city that educated me and opened the world's doors to me. Surprisingly, I cannot help but enjoy the stark contrast that exists between these two cities. They are as different as chalk and cheese. If one is political, the other is corporate to the core.


Kolkata is known for its political inclination, the regular protests and dharnas have given the city a unique political climate and is the home to some eminent politicians. Bangalore, is distinguished by its IT culture; it has some of the software giants of the world and once you step into the city, you will be awe-struck by the enormity of the buildings and campuses of these firms. If Kolkata has a strong creative culture, Bangalore has a pool of technical talent. But, both at the same time are known for their warmth and humility.

My home beckons me; the ruined and dilapidated buildings of Kolkata built by the British Raj attract me to my root. The old smelling fish market in Esplanade reminds me of my childhood - my memories embrace me as I have left home in search of a new life, that is nonetheless rewarding and challenging.

Contributing Writer: Medha De, a sociology graduate working in Bangalore in an advertising agency as a creative copywriter. I love writing and my articles are mainly based on my experiences and feelings.

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