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Positive Narcissism


We are often prone to depression, stress and other negative influences. Well, we can blame it on our gross indifference to ourselves. How many of us ever take time to treat ourselves with love and care!

May be social restrictions bind us in a big way. As a result, we hardly care for our precious life.

Many a times, we wish to enjoy a siesta, but go against it!

Imagine, we don’t want to give this small comfort to our tired mind and body. Many a times, we want to enjoy a long drive, but again we are bound in a time frame.

Following reasons often play spoilsport -

Time Frame:
We have adopted a very straightjacket approach to life. We often set deadlines which hardly suits our inner self. As a result, we hardly enjoy the ‘process’ but crave for ‘end results’. Why can’t we go easy on our time. Does it matter, if we reach office late by ten minutes or does it matter if we enjoy a siesta.

Social Barriers: All of us want to dance, sing, read and enjoy our precious moments. But, we all are scared of imaginary social taboos! We often give in to ‘Others’ and lose a big part of our life bemoaning over lost moments. Actually, there are no such social barriers other than those set by us!


Callousness : Why do we feel shy to enjoy something new. Why should not one go for something new or enter an unknown terrain. We hardly take care of our physical needs - right food and right mindscape. There is an old saying; there is no age for anything. If we are physically fit, then there is no reason to ignore our mental strength.

Self Consciousness :
We constantly judge ourselves on social benchmarks. For example, we pay more attention to what others say about us. It is a strange thing. We get embarrassed because of others but won’t take that extra step to enjoy our life. After all, how can others dictate us to do what is right or wrong to us.

Remember, all societies stick to different benchmarks. If X hates a particular thing, then Y may endorse it.

Finally, it is our body and mind that is going to be affected by the outside or inner influences.

Critics may condemn Narcissism as an ‘exceptional interest in yourself’, but it does have certain advantages. It is simply a way to pay attention to one’s inner self. Well, so long as we wish to treat ourselves with love and respect, there is nothing wrong with it. If we don't want love ourselves, then why would others!

Contributed By Ashish Dimri is a content writer

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