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Neelesh Bhai


Neelesh bhai was my host in Baroda. We met through a common friend, who told me, "It is an accepted thing that if you are in Gujarat, Neelesh bhai is going to be your host." Some official work took me to Gujarat and Neelesh bhai became my host.

"Oh not again. You are still completing that creative work, and here I am burdened with kitchen work" I saw Bhabhiji in a complaining mood.

"Arey! I am always willing to help you". Neelesh bhai happily said. "Then come! Help me wash those utensils", She asked I saw Neelesh bhai obeying like a small kid.

"Hen pecked chap! Why does someone like him, a man of principles give in so easily?", I thought. We went to his office where I saw a trader waiting for him "What is this Chokra? You promised to complete that work but you have not done anything. Do not forget, I have paid you in advance for this thing", the trader spoke rudely.

"See those designs do not suit the campaign", Neelesh bhai spoke in his gentle manner. I do not have time. Give me anything; the trader spoke arrogantly. Neelesh bhai nodded. We had to attend a meeting about some development work being done in a village. Neelesh bhai took keen interest in such work.


The meeting was full of commotion. All the members were singing hosannas about themselves.  However, Neelesh bhai who had done a real work in that village was constantly ignored in that chaos. He said nothing but smiled. When we were coming out, I could not stop myself. "What is this Bhai ji? Why do you keep burdening yourself? This shows you are weak. "Do not lose your self-esteem", I bluntly told him.

"Cool down! Do you know why we are here in this journey called human relationship! We are not here to create history but our small gestures can change certain mindsets. I believe that eventually they will realize my point and change their mindsets", he smiled  I was touched by his truth

"Oh! Do not take me the wrong way. You cannot go back before I show you some fine places here and lets make a move. I have to help you in dinner, Bhabhiji"; he smiled.

We both had a hearty laugh.

Contributing Story Teller : AshishDimri, MA (Mascomm). He is a journalist working as a content writer. He regularly contributes to content,, This story is inspired by a lovable friend who inspire me to keep on contributing.

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