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Nandi's Gram, True Story

I was standing at the same spot when you saw me two days back; the spot where I was born thirty five years ago. This place at that time was full of greenery, trees and shade. No problem for food, water and shelter. I grew up here happily into my adulthood with my parents and one fine day I was left with myself alone with no parents around.


Slowly, a city that was planned fifty years back picked up speed towards development. Trees were cut, greenery and shade lost and I found myself struggling for food, water and shelter. But I still remembered that spot and used to visit it often to recall the happier moments spent with my parents. Roads came up, houses came up, buildings came up and I found that on my spot a road has come up which was a thin road initially but finally a four lane road and “my spot” happened to come right in the centre of that road. That was where you saw me two days back, standing perpendicular to the road divider. Buses, cars, scooters, motorcycles were whizzing past me, avoiding me at the last few seconds as if I was not a living thing but stone or something like that.

And one did strike me in the evening. That is why you saw me bleeding at my hind portion next day. Due to this accident I changed my posture and instead of perpendicular position stood on the dividing line horizontally; causing least of obstructions. Towards my left are two abodes of GOD; a Church and a Mosque. And I was hit yesterday with my back to these two. May be GOD was annoyed at my posture.


Today I was standing in a different posture with no back to the abodes of GOD at the spot on the dividing line. Lot of people and vehicles were there today near God’s place. It was Friday & being ID, lot of devotees were coming and going. But I was only standing at the spot staring at all around, blood oozing from my wound.

That is when you saw me in the afternoon. You looked into my eyes; your’s were full of love & sympathy; mine; full of anger and hatred; towards people who robbed me of my food,water and shelter forcing me to stand starving in the heat, dust and pollution.

Your look got cemented in my mind as it was a rare thing to receive. I had a tear in my eye which in your hurriedness you did not notice.

That evening, when I came out of my office, right outside the exit gate, he was there down on the ground with eyes wide open. I slowed down to observe whether he was breathing or not. HE WAS NOT!! I again looked at his eyes that were full of tears. The NANDI; the OX was dead, close to the spot where he was born.This time he was facing the abodes of GOD; staring with eyes wide open, perhaps complaining as all worse things happened to him. He was deprived of food, water and shelter.Then he was injured , leading to his death. What for? For his STAND, to remain attached, to his birth spot; "Nandi’s gram”.


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