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A Journey Called Motherhood

A woman, it is said, is born thrice in her lifetime. Once, when she actually takes birth; second, when she gets married; and finally when she becomes a mother. Someone very rightly put it- a baby gives birth to a mother. Motherhood, i believe,is not a phase of life. It is a journey.

While this journey is as beautiful as can be, it is not void of it's share of trails and tribulations. With all it's challenges, motherhood also offers plenty of insights and realisations. There is so much to learn while you go along this meandering road.

Patience is one of the key qualities you start displaying as you go through the various experiences in motherh Mothers around the world will agree with me on this. You have a little person who almost totally depends on you for everything, takes over your life and still seems to be demanding all the time. Frankly, there is no way out but to learn to be patient! But it's worth it, cliched as it may sound. It really is.


Another natural graduation for most mothers is the ability to sacrifice without resentment. The moment you stop resenting for all the things you have had to give up because of this new entrant in your life, you can rest assured you'll do great. I admit it's not always a bed of roses, and it's not always as easy as it sounds.

You have your moments of frustration, insanity and hopelessness. moth motherhood comes blessed with the capability to rise to the occasion and deal with all compromises that are called for. Again, it feels appropriate to mention the cliche, it's all worth it at the end.

Motherhood brings you face to face with new levels of guilt you never even thought existed in you. Each time you have fun on your own, you feel guilty of abandoning your child.

And the feeling is pretty superlative. But a mother needs to learn to deal with this guilt, most of which is not really well justified. The guilt never leaves, but you do learn to decide where you draw the line.

There is something spiritual about being a mother. You realise how the Almighty takes care of you at every step in life, without you realising it. When a baby learns to walk, she falls. She figures out a way to stand up and try again on her own. While she's learning to try, fall, and try again, you know you need to just watch. You know how important it is for her to learn tom walk other own, and you let her learn.


But at no point do you stop to care that she might get hurt. The same way God watches over us when we are facing a challenge. He never leaves, but let's us learn our own lesson. Very profound, I know. But true.

Motherhood, I feel, is one of the most underrated jobs in the world. And also one of the most rewarding. And as I say, it is a journey, not a phase or a destination. A mother is being born since the circle of life actually began. Each mother has her own experience of her joy, frustration, love, elation, anger, guilt, happiness and satisfaction. However, the learning over time and around the world remains pretty much the same.

Contributing Writer  Shraddha, Masters in Advertising and Communication Management and budding writer

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