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The Beckoning of Home


As I awoke by the warm sunlight, the pain inside me still lingered - the pain of leaving home and coming miles away in the lure of a career. It is hardly a day I have reached the city of Bangalore, after bidding adieu to my hometown, Kolkata. I could not have felt more pensive for my parents as I felt, for my own city; that has seen me growing up, which I regard as the most beautiful place on the earth. It has seen me grow into an adult from an adolescent and a lady, eventually. It has made me learn quite a lot in terms of love and sacrifice, and taught me to distinguish between good and bad. Distinct are the days in my memory when my mother and me used to go for a lazy walk in the lawn of the pristine Victoria Memorial in those early mornings, the grass still wet and people of all ages gathered for a dose of early morning gossip with tea.

Herein, one can find the importance of the quintessential ‘adda’ in an average, middle-class Bengali’s life. Storming the tea- tables over myriad issues as diverse as dowry and euthanasia, the concept of ‘adda’ is still alive in almost all Bengali souls till date, much to my joy.

The memories of my childhood are still fresh as we used to shop in the corners of the old Hogg Market amidst severe cacophony. The semi-ruined buildings constructed in the British period attract me a lot-they can still be found all over the city and possess the charm of the olden times, when there was no internet and Kolkata was Calcutta.


But my favorite place of the city would be, undoubtedly, the Park Street. It is said to be the hub of the young Calcuttan (now Kolkatan) youth and fashion, its popularity still unrivalled. One can walk down its streets without a feeling of monotony, the various bookshops, restaurants and posh stores demanding attention.

Last but not the least, the Metro Rail of Kolkata would always belong to the core of my heart, I have not kept a count of the miles I have travelled by the Metro but all I can say is that it is the last word in conveyance in Kolkata. Amazingly, the entire city is covered in about 35 minutes.

I have travelled miles away in search of a new life, but realized that origins can never be uprooted and one remains tied to one’s soil even the separation is physical. Whatever shape and form life takes, home continues to beckon

Contributing Writer: Medha De works in Bangalore as a copywriter and loves spending her leisure time reading and writing.   

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