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Are We Forgetting Our Manners?

Lessons learnt in school and during childhood are often forgotten as we grow older and progress in life: move from one grade to the other, enter college, complete further studies and eventually enter the professional arena. However, certain lessons in life are just too important and should never be forgotten if we want to live a happy, conscientious and fulfilling life.


We have all been taught in our school days, the importance of minding our Pís & Qís. Yet, at the slightest opportunity, youngsters and even adults today choose to be rude and show total disrespect for others.

I often observe individuals in public places Ė at malls, markets and those travelling via public transport and I am amazed to see how people seem to be forgetting their manners.

What makes it worse is the fact that educated youngsters are generally the worst behaved. Even though they portray themselves as modern and smart individuals, they lack hugely in terms of behaviour, common courtesy and mannerisms.

I was recently waiting in queue at a food court of a swanky Delhi Mall when all of a sudden, a young lady simply broke the queue and moved first in line, ignoring the fact that I was waiting before her. I looked at her in disbelief and tried to justify her actions Ė after all, she was this educated, modern girl who was not only dressed smartly but was also tech savvy as she flashed her expensive mobile phone.

Maybe she was hungrier than me and could not afford to wait her turn owing to unbearable hunger pangs or perhaps she just didnít think it was important to stand in queue and wait her turn like us poor mortals. This is probably the reason why Delhiites need to be taught basic manners before the upcoming prestigious Commonwealth Games.


On one of my long rides on the Delhi Metro, I was dumb-struck to notice 4 teenagers who giggled and laughed as they took out food from their bags and ate it, stopping in between only to adjust FM frequencies on their mobile phones. What surprised me even more was the fact that they began feeding and entertaining themselves immediately after the announcement which said that eating and listening to loud music on the Delhi Metro is strictly prohibited!

Even though technologically we are moving forward and making remarkable progress, on the human front, we seem to be going backwards, easily forgetting the importance and value of our earliest lessons in life.

Isnít it time for a reality check?

Contributing Writer  Akanksha is a freelance writer

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