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Conversations Between Him & Her

Conversation I


Him : Hi ! You didnít pick up my calls last night ; ignored my SMS s tooÖwhatís wrong suddenly?
Her : (Keeps silentÖlooks away..)
Him : Please say somethingÖwhatís the issue..what have I done?
Her : ..Nothingís wrong. I didnít feel like responding to you last night..I am not liking anythingÖ
Him : Will you please tell me whatís wrong. I am not being able to figure out anythingÖif thereís an issue, letís talk it out. Please tell me now (Looks disturbed)
Her : ..Well..thereís nothing much to say. I think we are just not meant for each other. Itís not happening, not clicking anymore.
Him : What? What are you talking about? What happened? please donít talk like this. Please (Pleads)

Her : No..I have decided to move on. Letís part ways. Itís must have been love, but itís all over now.
Him : God! Donít talk like this please, I beg of you (Looks like will start crying). There has been no problem between us of late and suddenly you are saying all these. This is unimaginable, please donít torture me like this. I beg you, I love you very much.
Her : Itís not your fault but I have given it a deep thought. I really canít share my entire life with you. Problems are bound to happen if we get married. Itís better if we part now. I canít risk my life like this. I am sorry.
Him : Ohhh! Iíll go mad! íRisk your life?í I donít know what to do, we are supposed to get engaged next month and now you are..(Breaks down)
Her : I am sorry but I have decided already (Looks stern and composed)
Him : But whatís the issue? Tell me whatís the matter. You canít do this to me, this is injustice, sheer injustice! You are dumping me for no fault of mine, you have to explain. (Shouts helplessly)
Her : I am not bound to explain anything to anybody. I am not bound to clarify anything with you. I feel this relationship will be a major disaster, we are not meant for each other we are poles apart. This is never going to work out.


Him : You are realizing it now? After 2 years of courtship? (Breaks down again) Donít do this to me please (Cries out aloud..)
Her : Donít create a scene here. This is a public place, a cafeteria. People are watching us (Gets up hurriedly)
Him : (Takes out something wrapped in a gift paper from bag. It looks like an expensive gift item) This is for you a wrist watch I liked. I wanted to give this to you. (Looks away)
Her : (Takes the gift hesitantly and opens the packet) Ohh my Gawwwdd! This is lovely! Superb I love it Great watch! (Looks up to Him) Thank you so much, so much! (Looks extremely happy) I Love You, I really do!

Him : (Keeps silent, looks sad and dejected)
Her : I love you, I am sorry I lost my cool
Him : (Makes eye contact with Her) I love you too
Her : (Catches hold of His hand)Ö.
ÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ.. Both walk away. Together.

Conversation II
Him : Will you please listen to me once? (Looks terribly disturbed)
Her : (Looks away, adjusts and tosses hair)
Him : Nita is my colleague. Just a colleague nothing more than that. And sheís engaged to someone. You know her well, donít you?
Her : (Looks straight into his eyes) But an engaged man or a committed lover like you cannot go on lunch dates or evening meet-ups with another woman, I guess Colleague? Who knows you are having an affair with her may be behind my back (Looks furious)
Him : Affair? You must be really crazy. You found me with her that evening in the cafeteria and you can come up with such absurd conclusions? And you say you walked past the coffee shop - why didnít you come in and join us, if you saw us? We were just discussing a certain business plan, thatís it. (Looks angry and frustrated)
Her : Well I felt it would be none of my business to get into your Ďbusiness planí and I didnít feel like joining you - you guys were having a gala time I saw (Sounds jealous and sarcastic)
Him : For Godís sake, please stop making such stupid comments! This is absolutely ridiculous!(Looks away..)
Her : See, I canít stand the sight of you with any other woman Ė colleague, friend, or whatever (Pauses) I am madly possessive about you because I love you very much (Sounds hurt)
Him : Yeah, thatís fine. I also love you darling but believe me nothingís on with Nita. I canít imagine anything with any other woman (Looks frustrated)
Her : Well you never told me you will be out with her. We had plans of meeting up that evening but you cancelled saying youíre stuck up in a meeting..
Him : Yes. and itís true. I was in a meeting with her. And we were joined by other colleagues later could never see that..!
Her : Itís better if you inform me whenever you meet anybody from the opposite gender..thatís the code of conduct in this relationship..(Sounds authoritative)
Him : Ok..ok..(Looks irritated)..I never thought I have to give you every detail of whom I meet with whom I talk irrespective of gender but Iíll do that from now on..I know myself but if you think you need to know with whom I am out on business meetings or anything I will tell you. Because I love you too, and believe that possessiveness in a relationship is natural and important.
Her : Yes, I am very possessive about you. You better understand that and follow my words.

( Next Morning)
Him :
(Calls up Her on her mobile)
Her : (Picks up) Hello. Morning. Tell Me
Him : Hi! Good Morning! So we are meeting over lunch at 1 pm. I hope thatís ok with you?
Her : Sorry, I canít make it today

Him : What? Why? This was decided earlier, I have planned things accordingly, whatís the issue? (Sounds surprised and angry)
Her : Well I canít, because I am in Bombay right now
Him : What? Bombay? why! and when did you go? and for what? You never told me anything about any Bombay trip yesterday? (Sounds helpless, angry, surprised, frustrated)
Her : Itís a business trip, office trip I came by today morning flight. Will be back tomorrow..(Sounds calm)
Him : Hey! Why didnít you tell me anything last evening? Why?
Her : Arree! Why are you shouting? It was a sudden decision to come. And you know that I am quite busy professionally why are you creating a mountain out of a molehill? (Sounds angry)
Him : ĎSudden decisioní? You could have told me on your way to the Airport this morning at least. I donít know whatís happening! (Sounds terribly upset, and tired)
Her : Look here. I am an independent woman and I donít have to tell everything thatís going on in my life to you, do I? I would have told you later on in the day anyways. please donít act like an over-possessive moron! I hate all these, if you love me and trust me enough, then please let me be myself and take my own decisions..and now, please keep the phone down. I have a meeting coming up (Sounds angry..)
Him : Hey! Just a minute, just a minute are you alone or other colleagues are there with you too?
Her : Well only me and Ashok you know Ashok, donít you? nice guy

Him : (Shouts) Ahhh! I see Ashok is there with you that letch of a guy !!
Her : Oh! just shut up! Donít behave ridiculously and keep the phone now, I have got work. (Sounds impatient..)
Him : Wait, when will you call me. I had to tell you something important.
Her : Well, it will be a long and busy day Work will get over at 7.30 I guess. Then I think we will go for a bit of shopping at Colaba and then some good dinner at an Iranian restaurant may be..ok, you call me at 11 ok? Bye now.
Him : (Keeps silent, doesnít find words..)
Her : Heyy! What happened! Bye..and listen, please relax! Ashok is just a colleague. Thatís it ! (Hangs Up..)

* [ĎConversationsí is dedicated to young, urban, educated, intelligent, liberated and Ďcommittedí women of substance, who are modern, and believe in post-modernismí] *

Contributing Writer: Mr. Souvik Banerjee is a professional Economist, and is a Deputy Secretary at the Indian Chamber of Commerce, who heads the Economic Affairs & International Trade Department. He is a Graduate in Economics from St. Xavierís College, Kolkata, and a Post-Graduate in Economics from Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. Prior to Indian Chamber, he has worked with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), the Japanese Consulate in Kolkata, Metaljunction Services Ltd., and Bharti Airtel Ltd. His work has revolved around analyzing global, national and sub-national economic trends, preparing sector-specific reports, analyzing and preparing research reports related to trade and globalization, organizing seminars/workshops, mediating between government and industry, etc. He has about 7 research publications, on areas like India-Japan Economic Partnership, Tourism in India, Investment Climate in West Bengal, etc.  

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