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Satire - Conversation Between 2 Unborn Children From Inside Their Mother's Womb


Two ladies are waiting in the hospital waiting room for their routine check-ups.

Suddenly--Hi! Hello!

Are you a boy or a girl? I am a boy. And you?

Well, I am a girl. Hope your parents are filthy rich.

Why? Because the celebration of your birth will be very elaborate and expensive.

And yours?

I don't even know if there will be a celebration. Most probably everyone will make a long face.

Really, I don't believe it.

Don't you know no one pines for a daughter these days.

But I would love to have a sister.

Well you can count on me to call you brother dear brother.

Why thank you Sharmilee!

Who is Sharmilee?

You of course. That will be your name.

I don't think it is an appropriate name.

Why? I like it. It is a very girly name.

I know. I like it too but these days being Sharmilee isin't practical. The world needs bold and beautiful people.


Well for me your name will be the same.

Dear brother will you attend school as well as college?

School yes but college no.

Why is that?

I'll be too busy learning how to amass wealth in every possible way and any way college is  a real waste of time.

I think I will start preparing for my two board exams right after I'm born.

So soon!

Yeah, competition is too much to wait for later.

I won't bother much. My father is a very shrewd character. He will bribe all the examiners to give me a first class first in both the board exams.

Really, how nice. My parents are the 'Sach Bolo' types so I don't stand a chance. I guess I'll be wearing specs as soon as I am able to fix them on my poor little nose.

You can get contacts.

Where is the money?

I'll get the dough. Don't worry. After all I'm your brother aren't I?

Why thank you Bhaiya!

It's o.k. sis. (Next please. You Mrs. Mehta. Your turn will be after her Mrs. Varma.)

Bye sis. Good bye bhaiya.

Contributing Author: Madhuri enjoys writing stories, poems, musings and satires in Hindi & English.
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