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Without compromising, one’s life will never be fulfilled…At all stages of life we do compromise; from an infant to an aged.

When one year old, the kid wants a mobile phone to play with; ends up getting a toy mobile, she has to compromise with what she gets! And she is very much satisfied with the toy, for she knows if not this she’ll never get any… Smart kid right!!

When 11, she would have asked for a bi-cycle to her dad for all her friends would come to school cycling together.

Her dad would say “Dear, you’re just eleven and you’re too young to be on the road all by yourself.… In 2 years papa will surely get you a new cycle… until then you will continue going to school safely in the same van along with your friends.”

Her next compromise… she’s happy that atleast she doesn’t have to walk to her school though just 2 streets away. When 13, she would get back to her dad reminding him on his promise and he would smartly reply “Dear, your school is just two streets away and I’m sure you can have even more fun by walking along with your friends too”. She again compromises and enjoys her days walking with her friends to school.

When 16, it was time for her to choose her group. Dad says “Dear, today computer science is the most valued group and I want you to take that” before she could even stand up to him and say “Dad, I do like science but I have no interest in computers.” she had already been selected for that group. Successfully but unhappily completed her Junior college too!!! Now time to move into college… choosing the degree that one wants is one of the toughest decisions to make. That too when its non-professional, its worse!

She wants to do her under grads in Physics but her dad said “Dear, doing a professional degree is valued more, so pursue your engineering to have a bright future!” So she compromises for her dad and his concern about her future… and she starts with her professional course. Now she goes to her dad and asks him for a 2 wheeler so that it would be easier for her to go to college. Dad says “Dear, you need to understand… we’re in a financial crisis and my income is just sufficient for our daily living… I’ll get you one once you start working”.

Being a big understanding girl, she compromises and completes her Under Graduation with all laurels! On completion of her graduation, she starts working in an IT industry as her dad wished for. Well placed through campus with good income. She continues to be an understanding girl at home helping her family when situation calls.

Till date she hasn’t got her 2 wheeler and as a responsible member of the family she prefers to be without one.

Its time for her to settle down and matrimony is all that’s pending to complete the settling. She gets married as her parents wished though she wanted to pursue her higher studies. Compromising isn’t new for her!!

Wonderful guy and a supporting family is all they wanted and was fulfilled as per their wish. Her marriage life was very smooth and she extended her family with a baby girl. She compromises from the name of the baby to the selection of the school she has to study…

All she wanted was to make sure her child does not compromise at any point as she did. She wanted to give the best to her but still this compromising is a vicious cycle which was transcended to her daughter too. Though the same story repeats for her daughter, as a parent she realizes why her parents made her compromise. Parenting and being hard on kids isn’t that easy!! This is what she learnt and what the kid is doing is compromising for his/her better future… so they don’t lose anything!

Every coin has 2 sides, similarly the other side of compromises; from the parent’s is also there, be it from the simple life they lead to their sacrifices for the betterment of their kid. Thus taking life as it comes and compromising on certain things doesn’t do any harm to your future…. Compromising should be only on certain things w.r.t luxury or for people who deserve it! One should not compromise on their ambition and goals… they have to strive hard to achieve their destiny and no compromise would ever block such an achiever!!

The above is just a glimpse of what many go through…The example that I have taken; I’m not able to classify it as a fiction or non-fiction; So guys do compromise on this and take it as a random thought!!

Contributing Writer  Krupa I'm working in the IT field as a software developer for 2 years. I reside in Chennai and my interests are writing and soft skills.

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