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Bob The Builder


Bob Houghton the head coach of Indian Soccer team has truly created the winds of changes in the Indian Soccer arena.

In the past year and half the performance of Indian team has grown by leaps & bounds, guided & nurtured by Bob Houghton. Bob who has played much of his football in England has brought about refreshing changes traditional Indian football setup consistency, professionalism, athleticism are some the many changes he has been able to bring out. Players like Suniel Chetteri, Baichung Bhutia have matured to become a force to recon with after their stint with Bob who has added the extra zing to their natural talent.

Average fans in India have now started dreaming of their team entering in some major tournaments after victories in Nehru Cup, India who have qualified for Asian Cup after winning AFC Challenge Cup have some great things to look forward to in the near future.


Domestic teams at Club Level are also doing their bit after Goan Club Dempo FC entered the Semi Finals of the AFC Champions league, contribution of Bob Houghton can be seen here as well as he is constantly moving throughout the country interacting with the managers, players & the administrators of the game.

The very popular I League is a reality because of the efforts of individuals like Bob who always thought that a good league is the breeding ground for budding footballers.

Soccer which was seen as step brother to Cricket is gaining popularity amongst the youth of India, viewer ship for domestic league has grown, attendance of spectators during league & international matches has grown, slowly but surely soccer is gaining popularity amongst the masses in India, who traditionally have only followed cricket but thanks to the winning ways of Bob Houghton another sport is gaining popularity in India, that perhaps is the biggest achievement of Bob during his tenure with the Indian team.  With the reigns of Indian team in the hands of Bob Houghton the picture surely looks rosy for Indian Soccer. 

Contributed By  Sumeet Jain  

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