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The Last Leaf of Beauty in Me


Long long ago I could love a piece of music attributing my personal profile to it.

With my eyes shut and ears open to those notes I romanced the rain trickling down my cheeks, I fell in love with those dew drops dangling at the tip of a leaf. As it bounced in the gentle breeze, my heart would lose a beat to collect it on my finger tips. As it tip toed through my clothes I anticipated its path. Then I would pen my thoughts and relive it as I read.

Long lost are these emotions, at present I am flavored with reason in all that I do.


It's an existence where I reason out even my craving for an ordinary food. I am lost in the world of reason that a even a smile seem to have various meanings.  Often I feel like treading through the dangerous path of self acceptance. There I am still a young woman with no obligations, guilt and responsibility. Will I be able to get back without remorse?-never again.

I am surprised I feel younger as I grow older-is it just a physical degradation or a naughty thought. My heart and thoughts are never too old to realize what passes by unsaid. But if I stop and realize it for a moment I would loose myself for the rest of my life-now I know why I cannot romance the rain anymore!

Contributing Writer: Meenakshi - A language trainer with a passion to write.    

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