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Types of Resumes/ Bio Data/ Curriculum Vitae

The Resume, also called the Bio Data or the Curriculum Vitae is perhaps the most important document that assists you in your job search.  It is this document that represents your skills, accomplishments and experience to the prospective employer. The most important role of the Resume is to create an interest in the employer to meet you and discuss the job opening face to face through an interview.

Your resume should be able to land you that crucial job interview that is the next and most crucial step towards getting the job. A lot of job seekers fail to reach the interview stage because their resume fails to impress the employer. If you are planning to begin your search for the right job, make sure that your resume is well drafted and capable of taking your search to the next stage - ie, meeting the prospective employer and proving that you are perfect for the job.

Here are some of the common types of Resumes / CV's -


Chronological CV - This kind of a resume lists down the job seeker's recent as well as past experience in terms of the various positions that the candidate may have successfully held recently. The candidate gets the opportunity to show how he / she has grown through each position held over a period of time.

Functional CV - The Functional CV lists down the candidate's work experience and achievements over a period of time based on the functions handled. Attention is not given to any chronological listing.

Performance CV - This kind of a resume highlights the job seeker's performance merits and achievements on the basis of the position being applied for.

Every prospective candidate must work towards creating and drafting a Winning CV - one that is able to create a positive impression on the employer in the absense of face to face meeting. This kind of a well balanced and effective resume is successful in showing one's ability to handle the position applied for. 

Here are some of the main heads included in a Good CV

  • Name, Address and correct Contact Information

  • Opening statement summarizing professional capabilities

  • Summary of Experience: Name and details of Companies Worked for in the past, duration of employment, Job Designation

  • Achievements & Responsibilities

  • Education - basic & specialized

  • Extra Curricular Activities

  • Interests and Hobbies

  • References (if asked)

Keep your resume recent and up to date.

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