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The all Important Job Interview

The only thing that scares most people even more than taking a test is appearing for a Job Interview. The mere thought of facing a panel of Interviewers / recruiters is enough to make job seekers extremely nervous & sick in their stomach.


What is a Job Interview?

A job interview refers to a meeting between a person (employer) who is looking to hire the most suitable people for a vacant position in an organisation and a candidate (prospective employee) who is interested in presenting him / herself well so as to land the job offer! The job interview provides both the interested parties with a chance to meet each other and know each other well with the purpose of hiring & getting hired.

Why are Job Interviews Important?

Interviews are one of the most important hiring tools available to employers, used extensively to judge how appropriate a prospective candidate is to fill a role with an organisation.

For the Employer - The jobs and careers industry is blooming and expanding by leaps and bounds. Almost every individual - experienced or fresher is on the look out for building a satisfying and successful career. In such a scenario, many a times, most good Companies receive a plethora of applications for just 1 single position, making it difficult to narrow down to the one most eligible candidate. Job Interviews help!

  • The Interview provides an opportunity to meet several candidates and screen them to find the ones most suitable for the organisation.

  • Helps to evaluate a person's skills, capabilities and personality traits.

  • Provides tremendous insight into a candidate's confidence level and ability to handle a pressure situation.

  • A chance to communicate the Company's policies, beliefs, work culture and expectations from the prospective employee.

  • Finally, narrow down, select and hire the best talent to fill the job vacancy. This should ideally be a person who is focused, skilled, confident and excited.

For the Job Seeker -  As a job seeker / interviewee, it is your responsibility to conduct in-depth research into the Company's policies, services and hiring practices. Begin by visiting the Co's official website and read up about its mission, policies, people and work culture. Based on such research, prepare yourself to handle a volley of questions that will be thrown at you during the job interview.

First impression is the last impression!

  • The interview presents an ideal situation to make the first impression on the employer.

  • Convince the employer / interviewer that you are the most suitable candidate for the job.

  • Understand the work culture of the Company, its policies and people.

  • Leave a positive and strong impact on the interviewers so that they are convinced of your appropriateness for the job.

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