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Impact of Television on Behaviour

There is no doubt that television has been a useful product of technological progress. However, from the point of its psychological impact on human beings, both positive and negative effects have been observed.


Most of the research studies have been carried out on children because they are seen as being more vulnerable to impact of television than adults.

Children spend huge amounts of time watching programmes on televisions, this reduces their habit of reading and writing and also their outdoor activities such as playing.

Television watching may have an effect on children’s ability to concemtrate on one target,their creativity and ability to understand and also their social interactions.

Watching violence on television was,indeed,linked to greater aggressiveness in the viewers. If the viewers were children, they tended to imitate what they saw; they were not mature enough to think of the consequences of such behavior.

Contributed By :  Saman Preet kaur, Abohar (Punjab)

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