Sales & Marketing Article - Qualities of an Effective Sales Person

Personality Traits of a Successful Sales Person

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Qualities of an Effective Sales Person


The sales team of the Company is its backbone. After all, it is the sales person who is the face of the firm and interacts with prospective consumers. Whether we talk about door-to-door selling or over the counter sales, the salesperson is always under pressure to meet rising sales targets. 

The sales presentation requires a sales man to be a friend, a guide, an advisor and sometimes a reformer to the customer. 

Here are a few qualities that define an effective sales person -

  • Goal Oriented - Higher sales and profits are the two main driving forces behind every Company. Most Companies draw out expected sales targets for every year. The onus lies with the sales team to not only meet these objectives but go beyond them. Every sales person must be goal oriented and should work towards matching these sales figures.

  • Confident - The sales person should be confident about the product he is selling as well as his ability to successfully close a sale. Particularly in the case of door-to-door selling, the salesperson should be able to interact well with the prospective buyer, gain their trust, arouse an interest and eventually convince them to try a new product. Sales persons should be willing to handle all kinds of tense situations.

  • Patient & Courteous - Convincing a prospective customer to buy a product is not an easy task. Selling is an art and requires patience. The salesperson should be able to guide the customer through the entire process which begins with a prospective buyer's indifferent attitude towards a brand and ends with them placing an order. The sales person should be courteous and pleasant while taking a customer through these stages.

  • Team Player - An excellent sales executive must be a good team player as well. The ability to interact and devise good sales plans should come naturally to him.

  • Complete Product Knowledge - Every sales executive must be well trained. He should have full product knowledge including benefits, uses, and applications of each product. A good background knowledge will help him to answer all types of questions raised by a prospective buyer.
  • Pleasing Personality - A pleasing personality adds to a sales person's appeal. He/she should be pleasant to interact with and should know how to convince and persuade a customer to place an order.

If you are looking forward to a career in the sales field, make sure that you cultivate these qualities in you. All the best!

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