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Convergence Between New Media - Online Advertising Industry

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Convergence Between New Media


Convergence between new media (mobile and Internet) and old media (TV, Print and Radio) will give rise to new business models for customer acquisition, retention and monetization. The Online Advertising Industry concerns buying and selling advertising space that is accessed by viewers through the Internet.

The portion of advertising that is done through new media (it is any media like Special audiovisual effects of any kind, Larger than 17 inch displays, streaming and streaming audio,3-D and virtual reality environments and effects, Highly interactive user interfaces (possibly including mere hypertext or not), Mobile presentation and computing capabilities, Any kind of communication requiring high-bandwidth CD and DVD media, Telephone and digital data integration, Online communities, Micro devices with programming, Live Internet broadcasting as on the MBone, Person-to-person visual communication (as in CU-SeeMe),One-to-many visual communication) is expected to increase significantly over time as web-based content and services expand and people are able to access the web through more devices such as mobile telephones and televisions.

Convergence of New Media

Everyone knows that India has a large population. This large population offers huge opportunities in different demographic segments. One of such attractive segment is the youth or teenage population one knows that India has a large population. This large population offers huge opportunities in different demographic segments. The teenagers in India pose an immense market potential for a whole lot of products: Fashion accessories, Fast foods, books, education, clothes, music, and electronics, Sports, entertainment.

India is home to the largest population of teenagers anywhere in the world. India has about 115.3 Million teenagers. This number even surpasses the number of teenagers in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany Japan. Youth forms the major chunk to the growing Internet user base in India.

Youth are already having an enormous impact: on the economy, on companies hoping to sell them products, on the media, and on the culture.

Some 47% of India's current 1 billion population is under the age of 20, and teenagers among them number about 160 million. Already, they wield $2.8 billion worth of discretionary income, and their families spend an additional $3.7 billion on them every year. These youth will demand a more cosmopolitan society that is a full-fledged member of the global economy. The teenage population, some 22 million belong to the urban middle class and are in a position to influence the economy dramatically as they grow older. Many young people are having their first taste of rising prosperity and expectations. spending power of about $6.5 billion--their own discretionary income plus what their families spend on them--they carry considerable economic clout, as well as the power to influence their parents' purchasing decisions on items ranging from computers and cars to watches and TVs. Indian teens alone buy nearly 60% of the fizzy drinks, chocolates, and jeans sold in India. Every company is planning its future growth looking at the youth market,


Market Potential Old-line Indian family-owned companies are also increasingly catering to the youth market.  Few early investors are already reaping the benefits of this huge teenage population Levi’s, Addidas, Nike, MTV, Disney Mc Donald, Pizza Hut to name a few. The market is still wide open for others to enter and capitalize on the potential. The year 2007 has been declared as the ‘Broadband year’ by Indian government. Various initiatives are been undertaken to increase PC and Internet penetration.

The Local Marketer Thus new media advertising is the solution for the local merchants, retailers & brands especially belonging to smaller towns who have always struggled with the expensive forms of advertising and promotions. Consumers are now faced with many avenues to shop from - there are many outlets stocking the same product – each offering different value propositions & offers. So how does the consumer then get hold of the best possible deal – that’s where new media comes in.

The shoppers will no longer have to spend too much time in searching for the right deals and will be able to save a lot of time by utilizing new media devices. The primary service will be online query or SMS-based deal search service.

According to a mobile advertising company the consumer has to send a query to the SMS code 6767777 for getting the deals. For example, if a consumer living in Lucknow East is thinking of buying Shoes, all he has to do is SMS “Deal Shoes Lucknow E” to 6767777 and he would get a list of 3-4 “top deals” in the category of ‘Shoes’ from ‘Lucknow East.’ The new media advertising is suited for all marketing budgets and is contextual, as only relevant consumers get the advertising messages. It ensure minimal wastage of their marketing budget as the brand/retailer is charged only when a consumer sees their advertisement. That’s not possible in any other medium. Also it is seen that there have been 30%-35% conversion, which is significantly higher than any other medium. The mobile Ad market is expected to be over USD 11 billion globally in 5 years and India will own a significant share of it because of the sheer number of mobile phones (over 400 million by 2011) in the country.

Convergence Between New Media - continued

Contributed By : ERAM HASAN is an M.A mass communication and journalism from Alagappa University 2008, Bachelors in Arts from Lucknow University in 2002. P.G. diploma in Advertising and Marketing from Amity School Of Communication, Noida. Working for 4 ½ years as Lecturer for Advertising, brand, Event Management with Amity School of Communication lko.

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